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Corporate Wellness Client Portal

Corporate Wellness Client Portal

Create Incentive Through Positive Action

The foundation of a well-designed corporate wellness program is an interactive and engaging client portal.

Our software platform allows us to create and customize daily activities and periodic fitness challenges that are designed to improve the health and happiness of participating employees. Activities and challenges can be incentivized through a customizable reward system, whereby participating employees can log their activities, earn points, and track progress.

Key Features
  • Wellness Branding – integration of company logo and mission statement; create a unique culture of health
  • HRA and employee survey administration and data collection
  • ROI Tool – Integrate biometric and employee data to calculate projected savings
  • Calendar of Events
  • Customizable activities, point system, and rewards
  • Leaderboards to promote friendly competition and boost engagement
  • Extensive health and wellness database for participants to access