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Our fitness methodology saves our clients both time and money. This approach works so well, that our clients cant stop telling us about it.

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Friendly and Personable

I hired Mike to help me adopt a healthy lifestyle. From the very first visit he was so friendly and personable. He walked me through the program, took my health condition into consideration and customized the workouts/nutrition for me. I worked out with him for 4 months and saw great results. I now continue exercising and cooking my own meals but Mike helped me set the standards.

He also introduced me to kickboxing which is so much fun! Not only did I get to workout with a great personal trainer, but I also gained a good hearted friend! Thanks Mike!!

Luc S.

I Get Bored With Normal Exercises

I've been training with Mikey for about a year now. He's great. Enthusiastic and motivating, he knows a lot about physiology and how to focus on areas of concern. I had two bad car accidents and he's helped me get back in shape. Since I get bored with normal exercises, he varies it with martial arts, etc. And, he'll advise you on nutrition. Definitely a great trainer!

Asya H.

So Glad I Attended This Talk

Michael Mills gave a presentation today and packed more valuable and DOABLE health information into one hour than most books attempt to do in hundreds of pages. So glad I attended this talk!

Paula J.


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