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Pasadena's premiere kickboxing class 

What is Kinetic Kickboxing?

Kinetic Kickboxing is Pasadena’s premiere kickboxing class. We are a community of passionate fitness enthusiasts that enjoys the rigors of kickboxing and having fun with fitness! We strive to provide a nurturing environment that empowers our students to cultivate their inner martial artist and achieve body composition and fitness goals.
Distinct from conventional kickboxing classes, Kinetic Kickboxing is a technique-focused kickboxing/martial arts school. The Innovator and Master Instructor of Kinetic Kickboxing - Michael Mills - has over 17 years experience in personal training and martial arts instruction, and a BS in Kinesiology from USC (Fight on!). Beyond education and experience, Michael is incredibly passionate about fitness, and is adept at helping students master techniques by breaking down complex movements into their individual components. His enthusiasm, dedication, keen eye, superlative coaching cues, and “fitness hacks” empower students to learn advanced drills quickly and effectively.
Moreover, Kinetic Kickboxing implements high intensity training drills, strategically utilizing rest intervals so that students can produce peak power and precision techniques, round after round. This method produces superior results for both technique development and fitness adaptations/improvement as opposed to conventional systems that emphasize a cardiovascular approach (non-stop activity).
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Monday 6:00 PM

Wednesday 6:00 PM

Saturday 11:00 AM

*We are interested in opening more classes based on popular demand. Please email us to let us know what your preferred training schedule is and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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    • Master proper kickboxing technique through precise and effective coaching cues
    • Small class size - limited to 8 students per class - ensuring ample individual attention
    • Creative and cool kickboxing combinations and martial arts techniques
    • Improve muscle tone, strength, cardiovascular endurance, and explosive power
    • Improve endurance, balance, coordination, and flexibility
    • Lose body fat and reduce stress
    • Develop self confidence and self-defense techniques
    • 1 Class = $30
    • 10 Classes = $250
    • Unlimited Monthly Membership = $225
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